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I am Stuart Wilson, dad of 4 kids and traveler with kids through 58 countries.

Since 2009 we have ventured to corners of the world few even knew existed, we have experienced things which have changed our lives and seen things that will remain with us for the remainder of our lives. From scaling sand dunes deep in India, trekking on camels, elephants, falling off a motorbike high in the Himalayas, paragliding, waterfalls, being slapped by a monkey, stung by a jellyfish, rural schools, the highest mountains in the world, the most sacred places on earth, altitude sickness, the best beaches in the world, food poisoning, attempted kidnap, burning bodies, lost in jungles, found on the plains, being bitten by a turtle, 30 hour train journeys, seeing poverty which grips your heart, excess which makes you wonder, palaces, kingdoms, museums and forts, from visiting some of the best and worst the world has to offer and smiling at the end of it – These are our travels, our experiences, the ups, the downs and everything in-between.

Welcome to our world, we hope you enjoy the ride x

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  1. Aditya Dhungana Reply

    Dear Stuart,
    I came to know about the Nepali women case that you faced in Nepal just today and I know that the story you share is 100% true. I do sincerely apologize to you from my side as a Nepalese. I felt so bad while seeing that video and the gestures she was showing was miserable. Sorry and you can hate her but, don’t hate Nepal cause all are not same as her. #Peace #LoveFromNepal

  2. Aditya Dhungana Reply


    But, You can see this too.

    The translation :

    English Translation: It was during monsoon season. A white woman came to my tea stall with her son, and wanted to buy tea. I serve tea in two cup sizes – Small for 100 NPR; Large for 150 NPR. She said, “I prefer to drink in my own cup.” Which was three times the size of the small size I sell. She said “OK”, and once I served the tea in her cup, she started drinking. Then she asked for the price of the tea, to which I said 150 NPR as she had more tea than the Large cup I sell. She then started haggling and complaining, and started abusing me. I tried to explain the challenges of operating a tea stall in the high Himalayas and how expensive it is to get goods up here. But she wasn’t interested in either listening or even wanting to understand. She literally threw money on the ground for me to pick up and continued her disparaging behaviour. Also, she took pictures of my tea stall and threatened to post on social media and report to local police.
    I requested her to not do so as it would hurt my business, and asked her to delete the photos of my private stall she had taken. But then, shockingly, the lady took out a Swiss army knife and started pointing towards me. At this point she and her son began to head out. I felt extremely disrespected for having money thrown at me to pick up, and was treated unfairly just because we’re poor hill people, and depend on tourists for our survival.
    The tourist edited footage from her GoPro to only show me chasing after her instead of showing the full interaction of her misbehaving and treating me disrespectfully in my tea stall.
    I deal with foreign tourists all the time. If I was genuinely at fault, there would be hundreds of videos of me on YouTube mistreating tourists. I’d like to ask the public to understand that we’re poor village folk, but also understand when a foreigner shows up wanting to either take advantage of our situation or mistreat us because they think they’re somehow ‘superior’.

  3. Shame on you for scamming that Nepali woman. What horrible British tourists. Just taking and taking and taking. Go away.

  4. Aren’t you the crazy woman who threatened an innocent Nepalese woman with a knife because she tried to charge you fairly for tea?

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