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Vegas & Laughlin NV

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The best thing about driving to Vegas is that not only do you get the amazing views the desert has to offer, not only can you sit at 100mph with nothing but a trail of dust behind you but you also get to almost descend upon Vegas. The road is much higher than Las Vegas and in the distance you see the hotels all nicely collected together.
Our first night in Vegas was the same as every other time we have been – The Plaza hotel at Freemont Street. It costs about 6gbp for a midweek night and the rooms whilst basic are fine. But come 7.30pm the place comes alive, Freemont Street is a covered street lined with casinos, bars and gift shops. There are many other things going on such as artists, fire-eaters, live bands, circus performers etc. But the whole ceiling is one huge TV. There is nothing in Vegas quite like getting hammered on $1 Coronas and then joining in the thousands of others all singing American Pie whilst staring in awe at the show above you. The kids loved it and in no time at all it was suddenly 1am.
The following day we moved down to the strip to the Luxor. Now, many people don’t seem to favour the Luxor claiming that it is too far down the strip. Rubbish is my response. I have stayed all over the strip and I still go to the Luxor, why – The pool. The problem with most Vegas hotels is that because the hotels are so tall for half the day the pool is in shade. Not only that but it is too deep for kids. The Luxor is perfect, it has sun all day long and the pool is 3ft throughout – Not only that but there is a Panda express across the road for a quick tasty lunch. We spent the whole of the day by the pool. Come the evening we hit the strip – I remember very little except for the fact we had an amazing time. The kids loved it. But still I wondered what all the fuss about the Bellagio Fountains is all about (just like I have every other time we have visited)
The final day in Las Vegas and we headed for Laughlin via Hoover Dam. I know it is the long way round but even though I have been to Hoover Dam several times before I am still amazed by it. The bridge they started building about 5 years ago is almost finished and it’s great to see how it has progressed.
Now, Laughlin is about 90mi South of Vegas, in cruise control at 90mph I was flashed by a mobile speed camera, ill update on the outcome when I find out. The speed limit was 55. Anyway, Laughlin is basically a small collection of Casinos all set at the side of the Colorado River. Each has their own private beaches. We stayed at the Avi resort which is slightly out of the way but we loved it. Normally we stay at Harrah’s but we opted for a change and we were glad we did. The pool was as perfect as it gets for kids. And we spent pretty much the entire stay at the pool doing very little.
I know it sounds like we have gone from doing loads to very little since arriving on the shores of the USA, but it was intentional. I had always planned that the first week be a relaxing one. I knew Asia and then the flight was going to hammer us and I was right. The last few days of relaxing and chilling out in my opinion was perfectly timed and much needed.
Laughlin was to be the last place of solstice and relaxation before we head east and begin the trek across the USA. We didn’t half make the most of it!
Next stop Lake Havasu, Kingman, Peach Springs, The Grand Canyon and Flagstaff…

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