Christmas just gone i had severe flu. Which obviously was made far worse by the fact i was male. For the females that are unaware; In the male body is a hormone known as Testosterone, when a man gets flu, or a cold it interacts with Testosterone and becomes far worse. Just think, the next time you have flu – How bad you feel. Well have some sympathy for us men, we feel it so much more. Research has shown that colds and flu in men are approximately 10 times worse than those in females.

Anyway, i was genuinely bad at Christmas. I was laid in bed one night watching Top Gear Vietnam special. Whilst in Vietnam they came to Hoi An and bought some suits made from silk. Basically Hoi An is a 600 year old trading port which once was the biggest in Asia. Which going by the size of the place doesn’t really say a lot. Either way it was huge on trading and since silk was the in thing back then it has kind of stuck. I have been asked to make a quick edit to the part about lying in bed alone watching the Top Gear special – I am convinced i was, but on this earth there are 2 women who are always right – End of story. My mother is one, and my ickle mans mother is the other. She has expressed outrage and has insisted that i watched it with her – The evidence… She just knows. Thats that sorted then.

So i got Abi measured up for a silk Vietnamese attire. She was measured yesterday and i picked the dress up today. It cost 80,000 VND which is about 3 quid. She is wearing it in the photo. I think she looks beautiful.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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