To be fair i was never going to breeze around the world sipping mojita and basking in the glorious sunshine without a hitch.

Well its not surprising to learn that my first big problem has occurred before i even leave the hallowed shores of the UK.

The protests in Western Beijing rudely interrupted by suppressing gunfire and the massacre of Chinese people i could sort of manage – Given that id be at least 1000Km away.
The torrential rain in Central China causing landslides and the homelessness of 30,000 people i could come to terms with.
But now an Earthquake?

I know it sounds very very selfish but i am now faced with the simple scenario – If i go and something happens i am knackered, be it something as simple as an airport put out of action or something much more serious – If i don’t go i must make huge changes to my itinerary and potentially lose money.

I am very aware that in the UK we have crap weather, but from previous natural disasters we’re talking more than a gust of wind and a bit of a shower – We’re talking wind that can lift houses, rain that causes floods on an unimaginable scale. Earthquakes that kill 100’s of thousands of people and leave millions more homeless.

Possible alternatives include flying from Beijing to India (Myanmar, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal all have huge Visa and travel issues which i do not have time to sort out) and then flying from India to Vietnam.
I haven’t yet decided the best option.

Either way, the reality of what i am doing – Doing to my kids is really starting to sink in.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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