We will never forget the time we have had, the laughter, the tears the experiences. We are grateful for everyone who has helped us and I thank everyone who has contributed in any way to this trip. Your efforts and help have truly given us the summer holiday of a lifetime and given us memories we will cherish forever.
It is with great sadness that this is the last post in the blog. Thank you for everyone who has read this, for the emails I’ve been sent, and support throughout. And if you are ever thinking about embarking on such a trip with or without kids then do it. We are constantly told we live in a big bad world, well my 2 young kids and I traveled that world and loved every second. We found a world full of people making happy lives for themselves out of nothing, people suffering poverty which I never knew existed, and we found those very people to be welcoming and friendly and so willing to help. We found sights and scenery which are unrivaled, and we found excitement and laughter a level above anything I’ve known. We found the world to be an amazing place, and in that amazing place we found each other.
Thank you for reading.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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