The farthest north of India is a decorated landscape of amazing geological formations showing millennia of glacial destruction dotted with snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. On the surface it is a hiker’s paradise, with treks ranging from days to weeks and taking in some of the remotest villages in this part of the world, whilst giving altitude keen mountaineers a flavour of some of the highest mountains on the planet. For those less able, or willing, the state of Ladakh is refuge to Tibetans that have flowed throughout the region bringing with them Buddhism and lives dedicated to peace. The most popular place in the region, and long time backpacker magnet is the town of Leh. A green slither surrounded by vast mountain ranges, and launch pad into the further reaches of the Nubra valley and beyond. Reachable only by a vomit inducing 20 hour ride over some of Asia’s…