Obviously Schools these days feel they come before Parents when it comes to deciding when a holiday can or cannot be taken.

However, realising that education is the cornerstone of a child’s future i felt it appropriate to gain the schools support in this matter.

Mrs ********,

My son is ****** who is currently in ******* class and my daughter is ****** who is due to start this September.

We have been given the fantastic opportunity to travel the world this summer. The trip will take in many countries including those in Europe, Russia, and China, most of the Far East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Australia and the USA crossing 24 time zones and traveling approx 32,000 miles.

The benefits of this holiday are beyond what most children get the chance to experience in terms of travel and culture. And I believe this is something which will have a huge impact on their understanding of the world around us and appreciation of society and its values.

Firstly there is the issue of attendance. Both children will be unable to start school until 26th September. I know this is beyond the scope of what you are normally able to permit but I hope in this instance you will see this as an exceptional case and one in which the benefits far outweigh the issues regarding attendance.

Secondly Charlie will be documenting this trip through a diary using video and photographs and whilst he will need no incentive I think it would increase his enthusiasm if his diary could perhaps be incorporated into an assembly upon our return. He would also be able to communicate the journey to other children and share with them the amazing world we live in. I think this would benefit the children greatly. They could ask questions, make comments etc…

I trust you will give this letter and my requests some consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The headteacher called me the same day to discuss.

She told me that she was unable to authorise such an absence since she can only authorise 10 days. However, she assured me i had the full support of the school and that she would be delighted if upon our return we could do an assembly for the school. She was completely behind me in terms of the benefits for the children and even asked if there was anmything the school could do to help/promote the trip she would be more than happy to help.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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