First of all I must apologise that I have no pictures because for whatever reason the camera on my phone is not working. So Irene, you can have a copy of the footage from Singapore.
So we left Kota Kinabalu about midday, now, of all the flights we have had so far they have all been as smooth. In fact they have all been perfect flights. Well, the flight to Singapore sure made up for it. At one point the wings were flapping, the turbulence was ridiculous, I had my iPod on and was staring out of the window, I turned to see if the kids were ok and they were both sat there laughing with their arms in the air as though we were on a rollercoaster! So it was back to Ocean Colour Scene and gazing at the wings – The turbulence pretty much continued until we landed in Changi Airport Singapore.
Immigration at Singapore is great, they have sweets on the counter and I just wish the American Immigration would come and see how it should be done. But the greeting you get at the border is synonymous with SE Asia and Singapore. The city could be known as simplicity such is the laid back attitude and sheer slickness of the place.
There are a few things to note about Singapore, first of all the death penalty is still used and per capita Singapore carries out some of the most executions worldwide. Drugs are severely frowned upon in Singapore and foreigners have been executed for attempting to import drugs here.
Chewing gum is illegal in public places as is smoking. Dropping litter incurs a hefty fine – which is why the place is immaculate.
We ended up on the MRT which is the transit system in Singapore. It has to be the world’s easiest and best transit system. It covers the entire country and is quick, efficient and inexpensive.
I write this the day before we leave because I know tomorrow what we are doing, which is nothing. Tomorrow we will be laid by the pool until about 5pm where we will make our way to the airport (which I will cover in a separate section)
Singapore is teaming with English people and the old boys’ network is still thriving here. But it really does seem to be an amazingly easy, welcoming and inexplicably clean city.
We love it!

Flight to Los Angeles

Ok the itinerary is as follows:
Saturday 29th August 10pm – Fly to Tokyo (12hr flight GMT + 7 Overnight)
Sunday 30th August 6am – Arrive Tokyo (9hr layover GMT + 9)
Sunday 30th August 3pm – Fly to Los Angeles (12hr flight overnight)
Sunday 30th August 10am – Arrive Los Angeles (GMT – 8)

Total travel time 33hrs

There is not a typo, we actually arrive in Tokyo early Sunday morning, we spend the day there (assuming I can leave the airport during transit) and fly to LA late in the day and arrive in LA after a 12 hr flight 5 hrs before we actually left.
We then hire a car and drive the 100 or so miles to Barstow which is on the border of the desert in California. Obviously we’ll be asleep on our feet. I hope to next update the blog with a bad headache and an empty wallet – That’s right, Las Vegas next Tuesday.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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