I was pissed off. Mainly at the fact that some countries are so far in the past and you can’t help thinking that they intentionally are being awkward just to be dicks.
But i was sat down one night having a few drinks and it occurred to me – If i flew rather than got the train i could fit loads more into 10 weeks – And lets be honest the kids would much rather be trying to figure out what Jacki Chan is saying in some in flight movie than counting how many trees they can see in the Gobi Desert.

I set to looking for budget airlines in the Far East.

First of all i realised that Chinese airlines have their fares set by the government – Democracy in action people!
But and this but is huge – There are a few proper cheap budget airlines, im talking fly for £1 all in cheap.

Air Asia
Tiger Airways
Jet Star

Some of the prices are ridiculously cheap.
Be aware though, throughout the whole booking process you will notice the price just keeps increasing and its often impossible to find out where the million dong have just appeared from.

Once i had quelled my excitement i sat down and put a new plan together.

I would get to Moscow on land, Fly to Beijing, travel China for 2 weeks (including Disney at Hong Kong) then Fly down to Australia via Manilla and Bali, Back up to Vietnam, then down to Malaysia and Borneo, finally hitting Singapore before flying to Los Angeles and then spending 3 weeks driving accross the USA.

The dream was back on.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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