The first major problem came two fold.

When I do our plan I use Excel and all the travel is highlighted in Red. That enables me to sit back and get a clear picture of just how much travelling is involved.
Well, I did this and realised that we were never really in more than one place for a few days. This would not only be exhausting but also would mean we were left wide open for things to go wrong in terms of transport.
No matter how hard I tried I just could not find a way round it that would still keep all the countries we were going to. So, and with a huge regret (to begin with) I did the one thing I really didn’t want to do… I cancelled the US and Central America. This meant I could spread things out more and we could not only scratch the surface of the countries we were going but could really get a feel for them, and for us – We could hit the Far East harder than before and finish up there.

By cutting out US and Central America I had now increased our budget by saving a fortune. Well, until the FCO advise regarding Thailand.

I spent about a week making the most of planning the trip and included travelling Thailand and Myanmar. Then it kicked off big time. The FCO advised against all but essential travel to Thailand. Since Myanmar was connected through Thailand I had to make changes yet again.

So, after spending hours and hours pulling it all together and making half a million changes the final trip is as follows:

– Fly into Delhi and travel throughout on trains ending up in the South.
– Arrive into Vietnam and travel 1/2 the country right through to Cambodia.
– Travel through Cambodia then fly to Malaysia.
– Travel Malaysia on train extensively including Langkawi and Perhentian Islands.
– End up in Singapore for a few days.
– Fly to Jakarta and the travel through Java, Bali and Lombok.

And that’s that. 3 months taking in India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The final things are now being pulled together, we have had the only Vaccination we need (Hep A) and the final stages are all coming together.
We are on course for our departure June 7th.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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