It goes without saying that we would have to travel light. But at the same time its quite difficult to take everything you need for 10 weeks and not take much.

In the end it was decided that i would take a rucksack with all the first aid and essential equipment/accessories and then a day sack with all the vital stuff, such as passports and travel documents – And anything worth nicking from our hotel room like the video camera.
Charlie would carry all the clothes and Abi would have a daysack with our rainproof jackets in and things needed for the day such as bottles of water/food.


Berghaus 35 + 8 Freeflow Rucksack
– I chose this because it has the all important air flow system so your back doesnt lose a gallon of sweat every minute. I have tested it on some of Britains highest mountains and have to say am very happy with it.

Lowe Alpine Daysack
– This was selected because i would be wearing this on the front and it was very comforatble, also it has a superb pocket on the front so i can easily access any essential things without offloading both bags.

Vaude Packlite
– This rucksack is for Charlie and was chosen because of its weight. One of the lightest rucksacks on the market it was perfect for my 7 year old son.

Regatta mini Daysack
– As the name suggests its a mini daysack. After much deliberation and testing Abi decided this was the most comfortable bag for her. We had some problems with the straps rubbing but all is sorted now. Also, because Abi is the person most likely to complain we tested the bag. We set off at 3am and traveled to London via coach, we walked round London, then traveled to Bristol and flew to Dublin. Then we spent time in Dublin and flew back to the UK. We got home approx 12am. She hadn’t complained once.


Sony Handycam HDR SR10 High Definition Video Camera
– With 40GB of storage and superb HD quality this camera gives me about 500minutes of high definition video. The battery lasts 90minutes which is more than enough between charges.

Nokia N96 Phone
– I was going to take my Digital Camera but have decided against it, not just because my Handycam takes stills but because on top of all the features of the N96 it has a great camera. It also packs all the applications needed such as Sat Nav, Google Earth, Email, Office etc… It also has 16Gb of storage for movies and music.

– I have been undecided all along whether to take this, but finally decided i would. It will enable me to keep up to date with things and plan ahead. It is also a gateway to normality, with my emails, Skype and everything else on it. Additionally i can back up the Handycam onto DVD.


Guide Books – Im only taking China and my world travel book. The reason is China is really the only place where we have free rein.

Platypus – Basically a water carry which can be easily accessed from a tube protruding the bag. We all have one, mine is 3 litres and the kids 2 litres, these will be filled daily and not only will it mean we have water readily available it will let me know that at least we have all drank at least 2 or in my case 3 litres of water each day.

Fork – Whether or not someone is taking the piss about China not having forks i do not know – But i do know for a fact i am not eating with my hands.

Toilet Wipes – No, its not that i like to wipe my arse on Andrex, its more that id like to be able to wipe my arse on something.

Wrist Reins – For Abi. I know people in China are tidgy and Abi would probably tower over them but the fact is i am going on holiday and i want it to remain so.


The reality is every single place we go to will be hot. Looking at averages the least is Moscow with 17c, the highest being 35c average. However i am expecting rain – Plenty of it too.
So i decided, thin cotton clothes that will dry quickly, sandles so our feet can get wet without a problem and a Gore Tex jacket for at least a bit of dryness.
In terms of Sandles both the kids had to have fitted ones so that they wouldn’t rub.
Hats and sunglasses were vital, i selected the Chav hat which gives shade all around the head and neck.
The Sunglasses have the string on them so that they can be strung around the neck without getting lost.
We aren’t taking a coat.

Here is the full list of what we’re taking –

Charlie Abi

Underwear – 7 Underwear – 7
Socks – 3 Socks – 3
Shorts – 2 Dresses – 3
¾ Trousers – 2 Trousers – 2
Trousers – 1 T. Shirt – 2
Vests – 2 Cardigan – 1
Shirts – 2 Swimming Costume – 1
T. Shirt – 1 Raincoat
Jumper – 1 Hat
Hat Sunglasses
Sunglasses Hair Brush


Underwear – 5
Socks – 3
Shorts – 2
¾ Trousers – 2
Trousers – 1
Vests – 2 (packed 1)
Shirts – 2
T. Shirts 2
Jumper- 1


Documents (Passport/Travel Docs/Birth Certs/Parental Responsibility letter)
Video Camera/Charger
Mobile Phone/Charger
China Handbook
First Aid Kit
Mosquito Stuff
Sunburn Stuff
Wrist Rains


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.


  1. Flippin heck Stu – you certainly know how to pack light – I take more than that for a weekend away! How big/heavy is your laptop? I just wondered if it would be worth you investing in one of those little netbook/notebook things (or whatever they are called) We have a Samsung NC10 and its ace!

  2. Terri i had considered one of those small ones but when i was working out costs etc it was another £300+ on top of everything else. Obviously i thought about it but with the costs already mounting up i had to make decisions regarding what could be cut and unfortunately given i already have a top end laptop it was one of the things i had to cut. But you are absolutely right, one of those dinky laptops would have been perfect.

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