The flight to Kuala Lumpur took about 1hr 45. Even though I was trying to get the kids to go to sleep since I knew we had a long day ahead they were having none of it.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur on time. Now, the way I have been doing things in terms of money which has always been the best, most efficient and cheapest way is as follows. I have always had at least $50 USD in my wallet; it’s the international currency and have yet to visit a country where it isn’t either accepted for payment or easily changeable in one of the many foreign exchanges. But I have had the USD for emergencies. I have carried a Visa again for emergencies, 2 MasterCard’s one carried with me at all times and the other in a secret stash. Both MasterCard’s are the prepaid sort, I got them so that should an emergency arise I can be in touch with someone in the UK and can have money on either card within an hour at most. I have also carried a Maestro. I brought the Maestro because Cirrus is the internationally accepted card. It costs less to withdraw money than Visa and MasterCard and I have yet to find a cash machine (ATM) in any country where it has not been accepted. So, as an example I left Vietnam and before leaving changed all my remaining VND to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit (RM)) upon arrival in Malaysia I then find an ATM and withdraw local currency, an amount I think I will need. I know it sounds like a mission, but it has worked for me. And worked well. I have yet to find an airport where I cannot easily change my money, or where there hasn’t been an ATM.
Anyway, we arrived at KUL and it was about 11am, our flight was later that day at 7.50pm. So we had every intention of heading into Kuala Lumpur and just mooching for the day. However we were stopped in our tracks when we saw the huge golden arches that were McDonalds. Now don’t get me wrong, we have loved the Asian cuisine but a Big Mac, fries and Sprite jumbo style was well and truly on the cards.
Then we headed to where the buses leave for Kuala Lumpur. Basically the place to start is called KL Sentral. Buses are about 8RM which is about 1.60gbp. The buses supposedly run to a timetable, but the reality it is goes when it’s full. If you get a taxi you have to get a coupon prior to travel and by the law the taxis have to use their meter. The bus took about an hour.

KL Sentral is literally as it says – Central. There is a huge interchange for all the local transport. There is the monorail, subway or buses. All run along a set line so are very easy to understand. Prices to anywhere in the city are from about 1 – 3rm. We wanted to go see the PETRONAS Towers so the stop we needed was KCCL. Within no time we were there and after a 5 minute walk we were faced with the huge towers. The kids were amazed, absolutely. I have never seen anything as tall and neither have they. We went inside and found out you could actually go up the towers and visit the skywalk which connects the two buildings. Tickets are free. So the kids excited we went to the ticket desk. Gutted when we found out that there was only a set allocation each day and there were none left. Still it gave Charlie and incentive that he would come back when he is older and actually go up.
We took the long way back to KL Sentral using the monorail and generally just taking our time.

On the bus back to the airport I had the misfortune of sitting in front of 2 English guys who were talking so much crap I almost went and got them both some toilet roll to wipe their mouths – One of them was talking about how he spent so long on a boat in Thailand when he got off he got land sickness………
So we got back to KUL and boarded our night flight for Singapore, it was a quick 40 minutes. Anyone who has flown at night will know that they switch off the lights on the plane for takeoff and landing. Well the plane was in darkness and we flew over KL, it was great to see the entire city illuminated against the night. Then we were fortunate again as we flew South and then along the sea beneath Singapore. The skyline looked amazing from the air, and the sea was filled with hundreds of boats all lit up.

We had our hotel actually at Changi Airport (Crowne Plaza) so a short walk from the terminal to the hotel and within no time we were all in bed and fast asleep for 10.30pm.

Next stop Kota Kinabalu, Borneo…


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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