This time we packed even less. In fact at London Heathrow when we checked the bags in Charlie’s weighed 6.5kg and mine 10kg. There are things that this year we have reduced. The laptop is now a net book, we are taking slightly less clothes and we have cut corners in other places such as lighter bags etc. The long and short of it is that for 3 months we have a total of almost 19kg worth of clothes and equipment. (Abis bag weighs a lowly 2kg)

We checked in for our 2105 flight from LHR to Delhi direct with Kingfisher Airlines. I just had to put a bit in about the airline. I have flown hundreds of times on most major European and US airlines. I have always said that in terms of their economy product there is few and far between any of them – Particularly the US carriers.
Well Kingfisher has blown that theory to pieces. The plane was brand new, the inside was immaculate and the space you got in economy was like being in Premium Economy! Touch screen on demand IFE, probably the most beautiful women in India as cabin crew and food selected from a menu and served up with silverware.
But I have always liked the little things, for instance asking the kids names as we boarded and then regularly visiting them and joking with them and bringing them sweets on the sly. Realising I couldn’t eat the Strawberry yoghurt served with breakfast because I am allergic and then bringing me a breakfast from first class to just being really attentive and behaving like they actually love their job and are proud of the Kingfisher brand.
The flight itself was pretty bumpy throughout but it didn’t stop the kids both grabbing about 5 hours each from the 9 hour or so duration.

The picture is Abi on the floor banging out the zzzzz’s 🙂


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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