Someone once said that you have your best ideas when you’re at your lowest ebb – He was talking shit, you have your best ideas when laid in bed trying to decide whether to start your diet today and is it really worth giving up the Bacon butty for – And lets be honest, is it worth waiting till Monday to start your new faddy fitness regime.
Anyway, i was mulling over the usual and it occurred to me, why don’t i take the kids around the world on land.

At the earliest stages i had instantly and almost cliche decided that i ‘go around the world in 6 weeks’ (since my kids have 6 week summer holidays from school. So i look at Michael Palin and what he did. It all looked great until i realised that when he traveled through the Middle East he wouldn’t have had Bin Laden and co eying up through the scope on a rocket launcher – Not only that but ive really come accustomed to my head over the years. Id much prefer it was on my shoulders tbh.

And then there was the fact that half the countries on the Palin list are not recommended for travel by the FCO and as such my travel insurance wouldn’t have covered me – and lets be honest – Id have been a pretty shit dad to take my kids there for a holiday. Can you imagine it now, Sunbathing on the West Bank while my kids dig in the sand!

So i moved on to looking at going an alternative route and i stumbled across the Trans Siberain Railway. Suddenly all was sorted, i could get the train across Europe to Moscow, the hop on a train to Beijing. Sorted. Well not actually.
I had tried to put the fact that i would have been sat on a train for 8 days listening to my kids play ‘guess the animal’ out of my mind given the apparent benefits that traveling around the world on land would have brought.

I decided i would then get a cargo ship from a coastal city in China to Los Angles, hire a car and drive to New York then sail to the UK.

I was sorted………


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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