Let me set the scene, about 11 years ago I was going to Mexico and was talking about how it was a 10 hour flight. Sammy (Grandma) says “How is it 10 hours, what way does it fly?” To which I answered “I have no idea, but it is” Sammy quick as a flash said “Oh, I never realised Spain was so far away” After explaining to her that Mexico was not in Spain I realised very quickly that Sammy was one of those people that just cruised through life with no concern other than those that actually concerned her. And those that do get her everything; Well, those that she likes.

Dez (Grandad) is one of the most chilled out people Ive ever known, little seems to phase him and he is your typical man. I remember some years back going to a car boot sale at 5am one cold winter morning. It was freezing. I come downstairs wearing loads of layers and Dez asks “What you wearing all those layers for you girl” I replied “Dez, it’s freezing, I’m not a girl Ive just got common sense” Once at the car boot even I was cold with all my layers on so I asked Dez, “you cold mate” “no not at all” I could see his breath in the icy air. Within about 5 minutes we were stood looking at a stall selling thick jackets and Dez said “these are cheap, I might get one” I said “Why because you are cold” to which Dez replied “No, it’s just a bargain so I might as well get one” Needless to say, he didn’t need a bag for it, I seem to remember he coincidentaly happened to come across a ‘bargain’ pair of gloves and hat that morning too.

Anyway, I mention Dez and Sammy because between them they have done so much, unmentioned for all three trips. This year they employed my kids and gave them a fortune in spend. Some of the jobs were dubious to which Abi took full advantage of. An example, Sammy would ask “Shut the door Abi” To which Abi would reply “for a fiver” You can’t fault them for trying, but needless to say they were given plenty of jobs and a ton of spending money which has two huge benefits. First of all the kids actually feel like it is their money because in their minds they worked for it and second of all the money means they can do things I wouldn’t normally allow. I would always let them get souvenirs but now if they want to do things which usually I wouldn’t stretch for they can. And that, genuinely is completely down to the the love and generosity that Sammy and Dez have for Charlie and Abi.

So from me it is a huge thank you, you both are the best grand parents a parent could hope for and your help and efforts will always be remembered and appreciated. Without you both these trips we have taken would have been much less fun filled. So thank you both x

Message from Charlie and Abi:

Hiya, thank you for giving us jobs to earn money. We’ve already bought some stuff and some water pistols that dad banned us from. It was good seeing you in the airport and we miss you loads and loads. Thank you for everything see you soon xxx

(Abi had tears in her eyes when they both were saying that)

Thank you x


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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