Sometimes things just don’t work out – A bit like my diet that starts every Monday and Operation Get Massive that starts every Tuesday, with the best intentions you just cannot make it work. For once it is out of my control and I have had to resign myself to the fact that the Middle East is a none starter.
Why? Well, the Middle East has always been a bit of a hotbed, and recently it has kicked off in Egypt, Libya, a few others and now Syria. The problem with Syria is that it’s got very bad, very quickly. I’m talking someone walking round Damascus with a placard last week to the EU and US pulling out all their citizens this week.
Not that I’m a quitter, believe me I have looked for alternatives but due to the whole Arab/Israel visa situation and the fact the only way to avoid Syria is fly over it has made me have to sit back and think.
So over a BBQ and a few beers I thought it over. Then I thought some more. I pondered just how to approach it and came up with the perfect solution – Go next year. By then hopefully everyone will have puffed on some Shisha, shook hands and got on with things.

So I started to think maybe I should just let the kids enjoy a good ol’ British Summer, running in the countryside that surrounds our house, the smell of BBQ’s, the sound of kids loving life – Then I realised, British summers consist of rain, extortionate prices and a government that just want to meddle in everything. I am fortunate in that I don’t have to spend the summer looking for that one day the sun decides to shine so I can bail to Scarborough and spend half the day stuck in traffic on the A64.

Whilst replanning our summer trip I spotted on my bookshelf a book that shone out from the rest, big eminent letters leapt at my eyes and fired up a light bulb above my head…


Ask Charlie what his favourite country is and he will say India, it’s my favourite country too and we barely scratched the surface last time we were there.
India for us offered some of the most beautiful scenery, most amazing history and friendliest people we have ever come across. The loneliness we experienced in India is something we crave and the sights are something to behold. So, whilst it is the early stages the plan is to head out to the subcontinent and travel Northern India before hitting up Nepal and the Himalayas . Things always seem so simple but another adventure is beckoning and I have to admit, I’m a little excited.

Watch this space 🙂


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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