It is April 2010, 6 months after we arrived back in the UK and a lot has happened, here is a neat concise (almost) update 🙂

…Both kids went back to school and Abi settled in really well. Charlie got back into the swing of things and took a copy of his journal into school. The headteacher was so impressed she put it in the school library!
January 2010 and after a quiet Christmas I am called into school for a chat with Charlie’s teacher. Now, this might seem trivial but when you consider that since Charlie started school 3 years ago every time I have been called into school it has been bad news. From showing his penis to the teacher, to fighting just about everyone in existence, to simply not listening – I of course expected the worst.
To my absolute surprise I was told that; Charlie has matured beyond recognition, settled down and actually started to work at school, stopped fighting (and this is the great part) was to be awarded ‘child of the term’ There really aren’t words that can adequately describe how proud I was. I know that whilst we were away he had been pretty much forced to step up to the plate and mature, but to know that he had applied this at school and finally, even though a few years late he was finally back on track at school – One of the proudest moments I have had.

So, Abi was in her first year at school and doing great, Charlie was at school doing great I felt a warmth that everything had worked and worked well. We had amazing memories and now we were home everything had fallen into place better than i could have ever hoped!


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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