I have come to realise over the last 6 weeks that Abi, my daughter is an outcast at school. I have no idea why. Her mother and I have talked it over and over and cannot fathom it. The common feeling is that in our house there is a huge deal made about education and Abi may be a bit of a ‘boff’

I knew she was getting bullied, she told me. And that was sorted out, her teacher was completely behind her and within no time at all the bullying had stopped.
But how can you make a child play with another?
It is awful seeing my enthusiastic, happy and vibrant little princess beg not to go to school and me, the person who should be protecting her tell her she is going.
Of what I know, in the last week she has been bitten by a boy and I have seen her go into class and simply play alone. She has been told by another girl “I don’t like you” and I have watched as every kid in her class run out with party invitations whilst she comes out with nothing. Though she hides it well, her smile can’t mask it all.

As it happens I have recently moved house and have applied for both Charlie and Abi to attend the local school. Though Charlie has recently been told he is in the final stages of acceptance into a Grammar school and so hopefully if he makes it Abi will follow.
However, right now I drive the 5 mile journey to take my daughter to a place she fears, a place she dreads and somewhere where her life is made a misery. The school say they are doing their best but frankly it is not enough.
I can’t force anyone to do anything, but at the same time I refuse to sit at home and let it happen. Her mother feels exactly the same and so I am pulling Abi from school. I will home school her until she attends the new local school.
I know it seems a bit of a rash decision, but I simply cannot face sending her to school every day. I have a good degree, A Levels and my daughters best interests at heart, whilst it’s not for long, I hope to build he battered confidence back up and reignite her passion for life.

What better way than to give her some dad time and a ‘school trip’



Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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