Having only 2 weeks – 3 max I had to decide somewhere to take Abi. It has to be educational, fun and give us an opportunity to be close and in turn me build up her confidence.

The obvious choice would be a few weeks in Europe. But having been to just about every European country including the Eastern Bloc there really is only Austria and Poland left untouched and whilst I would love to visit Auschwitz and explore some of the atrocities of the World Wars I am not convinced I could make a few weeks of it and it probably is above Abi. in terms of her understanding.

I am not wanting to head back to Asia or India, or the US as the initial outlay in terms of cost and Visa’s is simply too much. Though Bekkie (Abi’s mum) has thrown her financial weight behind this trip I still have to be realistic.
So I looked at Northern Africa, Libya is now a no go and Morocco doesn’t hold too much history – Travel between the countries is also near impossible.

So, we are going to go to the Middle East. It is bursting with history and seems to be the perfect location.
We will fly out to Italy (Bari) get the ferry to Athens, then travel through Greece to Istanbul, Turkey. We will head South through Turkey and into Syria and toward Damascus. We will then head South to Jordan and will visit Amman and the amazing Petra before heading West to Isreal and ending up in Jerusalem. We then hope to cross into Egypt and end up in Cairo before nipping down to Luxor and Aswan. From there we will fly back to the UK.

I am currently tying up a few loose ends in terms of Visas – It is surprisingly difficult to flit between Arab and Jew nations. And at the moment it seems Israel is perhaps the most internationally isolated countries I have come across. I am awaiting confirmation that I can get our entry and exit stamps on a blank piece of paper as oppose to our passports.

During the trip Abi will visit some of the best historical sites on the planet and will learn about Greeks, why Turkey shouldn’t become an EU member state, Souks, Arabs, Christianity (Including where Christ was born) Petra and the Egyptians, to name a few.

The only flights will be the outbound to Bari and the Homeward bound from Luxor. I don’t intend to plan anything in between. No inland travel, nothing. Just the Visa situation and flights.
I hope this trip will provide us both with an experience to remember and most importantly an outlet for Abi to be herself again. Something in which she can regain her confidence and zest for life. Then when we return she can start her new school after what should have been ‘the tidgy trip of a lifetime’


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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