It’s a funny thing, last year we travelled the world. Right the way around. We were not new to going on holiday and had been more than fortunate in that we had already been to many places including having travelled the US extensively.

For some reason I am more nervous this time round. Having already done it once I feel an anticipation and anxiousness I do not remember feeling last year. Maybe it is that this time is 3 months – Which is a long time. Living out of a bag is not easy, it gets tiring very quickly, not as soon as hand washing all the clothes in showers/sinks but believe me its bloody hard travelling with kids.
Maybe it is the fact I believe I have completely underestimated India? It is 46 degrees Celsius there today, and 32 degrees tonight. That is hot. Very hot.
Maybe it is the fact I have done this before and know what to expect? A constant battle of languages/currency/tiredness/hawkers/climate? Last year I remember being in New York – Exhausted. Physically and mentally worn out. When we returned to the UK I was a shadow of myself for a week at least – Though surprisingly the kids were so resilient and just got on with things.

It seems this time though we are leaving life behind us. Charlie is playing awesome rugby for Batley Boys, Abi is doing well at school and I am leaving behind the most amazing and precious little man on the planet. Last year we were getting away from it all, this year we are leaving it all behind.
I can’t help feeling an element of guilt and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought more than once whether to call this off.
Speaking with both Charlie and Abi I see they are looking forward to this new adventure with absolute excitement, they do not share my reservations. I have had some fantastic times with Jack recently; we have travelled Italy, been to Holland and had tonnes of quality time together.

This trip will be the final chapter in our book – And it wouldn’t be possible without help from some very generous people (you know who you are) and Jack – For giving me the enthusiasm to try and achieve the impossible – Also to Charlie and Abi for being so strong and acting beyond what I ever thought possible in children.

Here is to Jack, Charlie and Abi and the summer holiday of a lifetime x


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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